About Dr. Gautam Kodikal

Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon, Special Interest In Hip Regeneration (Regrow)

Dr. Gautam Kodikal

Dr. Kodikal has more than 30 years experience in Orthopaedic. He worked all over India like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Pune & Bangalore.

His field of specialisation includes

Dr Gautam Kodilal has gained extensive experience working in different locations in India.This has enabled him to broaden the depth of his surgical expertise and has provided opportunities to pursue his interest in innovative surgical techniques particularly in the areas of Knee & Joint Replacement, Pediatric-Arthroscopic joint preservation and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Kodikal has a broad surgical interest utilising the latest arthroscopic techniques for the management of all hip, knee, shoulder & spinal conditions to facilitate the best recovery & outcome for patients from surgery.

Dr.Kodikal philosophy is to follow with a team based on the approach in the operating theatre, as well as ensuring he communicates clearly with referring doctors and physical therapists that are also involved in the patient's care and strives for optimal patient care by providing a warm, friendly and informative environment in his room As many patients present with multiple problem areas such as hip and knee pain; hip and lower back pain; neck and shoulder pain, His understanding and expertise across multiple surgery areas assists him to assess and treat his patients holistically.




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