What is Bankart Repair?

A Bankart repair brings stability to your shoulder joints. It repairs the torn labrum that surrounds the shoulder socket. A deformity like dislocation of the shoulder joints can tear the ligaments and labrum. Bankart repair surgery reattaches the torn ligaments and labrum to the bones and stabilises your shoulder. It keeps the humerus ball in its place.

To repair the torn labrum, an orthopaedic surgeon performs arthroscopic surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure to repair your shoulder joints. If you want to correct your shoulder instability, you may contact Dr. Rewat Laxman for your treatment.

When Is Bankart Repair Recommended?

If you frequently experience shoulder dislocation, you can undergo a Bankart repair surgery. In addition, you may choose the surgery under the following conditions:

  • Severe shoulder pain
  • Swelling in the shoulder joints
  • Bruising
  • Shoulder instability

You must visit an experienced orthopaedic surgeon for your treatment.

What To Expect During Bankart Repair?

In the beginning, you and your surgeon decide the treatment options. Next, the surgeon inspects the torn labrum and suggests the best remedy. Then, they perform the Bankart repair surgery as an outpatient procedure.

The treatment procedure of a Bankart repair surgery includes:

  • An orthopaedic surgeon makes tiny incisions on your shoulder to monitor the root cause of shoulder pain. Once the diagnosis is complete, the surgeon follows the appropriate treatment procedure.
  • Once the surgeon correctly identifies the problem, they insert specialised tools into your shoulder joints through the incisions. These tools repair the damaged portion of your shoulder.
  • With the help of specialised instruments, the surgeon carefully removes the damaged tissues and cartilages. Moreover, to fix muscle, tendon, or cartilage tear, a surgeon uses a suture anchor.
  • After repairing the tissues, the surgeon closes the incision and covers the surgical site with sterile bandages.

A Bankart repair surgery usually follows the course of action mentioned above. As it is an outpatient procedure, you can return to your home after the surgery. However, just after the surgery, you are shifted to a particular section of the hospital. After that, a healthcare professional monitors your condition for a few hours.

What Is The Recovery Process After Bankart Repair?

For proper recovery, you must not use your arm for a few weeks. The rehabilitation process starts just after the surgery gets over. However, the recovery time varies for each patient. After the surgery, you can take physiotherapy sessions to improve shoulder mobility and flexibility. During your recovery process, you can expect the following:

  • Your surgeon provides you with a sling to keep your arms stable. You may have to use this sling for a month.
  • You must start physical therapy for better recovery. It is a part of your recovery process. All suggested exercises must be done for a minimum of four months.
  • You can start performing low-risk activities in 8-10 weeks.
  • You must not participate in contact sports for a few months.
  • You can regain your flexibility and the full range of motion by six months.

In addition, you must visit your orthopaedic surgeon for follow-up appointments. To get the best orthopaedic services, you can contact Dr. Rewat Laxman.